Twister CPX won't rotate right Please help !

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Post Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 5:54 pm
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Hello Guys,
Well Jim, I'm not going to be able to post any pictures of the underslung battery because I went out for a fly this morning and 10 mins later ended up putting lots of Helicopter bits back in the boot of the car Sad
Very heavy landing after a sudden gust of wind which came from no where.
The damage assessment goes like this:

6601359 : Twister Cp Gold Wood Main Blades
7712115 : Super Micro Digital 7.5g Servo
6601421 : Twister Cpx Tail Belt
6601423 : Twister Cpx Main Frame & Battery Holder Set
6601431 : Twister Cpx Main Rotor Hub Set
6601427 : Twister Cpx Main Gear Set (inc One-way Brg)
6601430 : Twister Cpx Main Shaft Set
6601435 : Twister Cpx Tail Boom
6600660 : Twister Flybar Paddles (2)
6601392 : Twister Cp/gold/cpx Spindle Shaft Only (2)
6601361 : Twister Cp Gold/cpx Bell Mixer Arm & Pushrod Set

Totaling Approx £70 Crying or Very sad

Taking into account the cost of previous rebuilds, it's adding up abit now so I might think about buying something that more stability than the cpx.
All surgestions very welcome.

From a sadened Dave
Raptor 60 n
Raptor 50SE Titan (undergoing fbl conversion),
Trex 450 plus,
Blade 130x, Blade mCPx
DX9 Smile
PL6, Phoenix
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