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Post Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:50 pm
Post subject: Trex 450 sport v2 build
Hello all, I have recently been converted to the rather expensive world of helis via a box full of bits and bobs from a friend who found it too hard for him Very Happy I have already pestered people in other forums, and now its the trex forums turn ( sorry Twisted Evil ).

with that in mind, here goes....

I am currently assembling a 450 sport v2 -( forgot how much fun it is to sit at a table covered in parts and tools trying to follow instructions) - I have already found finless bobs tech vids which are a great help, and the build is coming on nicely - in fact I am now at the stage where I am setting up the servo arms and main rotor head.

After watching bob's ccpm vids he mentions that the linkage rod length measurements are not correct as there is a gap above the washout base and to adjust it until there is virtually no gap at all to give the helicopter its full range of movement.

As the vid was of him building a 450 se and I am building a 450 sport v2 am I right in thinking this applies to my heli as well ? At the moment I too have a gap of about 5mm after setting up the linkages as per the manual, and I want to make sure I am dong the right thing at this stage.

Also the blades supplied with the heli are a tight fit into the blade grips, so much so that they wont move side to side even without the screws being in or tightened, is this normal, as my two other helis have a bit of slop/play in them ?

I am also on the lookout for some picture / photos that show off wiring routing as I have heard that its best to keep the rx wires apart from other wires to minimise interference.
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