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Post Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:38 am
Post subject: swash plate level
Think this is a pretty easy problem to solve but i'm just missing something....

Setting up the swash plate on my 450Pro using a leveling tool. I've set the servo arms level, used a digital vernier to set the link length, and have set the swash to the leveling tool at 50% travel.

When I check at top and bottom of the travel not all the servo's are travelling the same distance. Trouble is, one is okay at the top but not at the bottom, and another is okay at the bottom but not at the top, and all are okay at mid stick.

I'm guessing its the travel adjust setting on my DX6i but played around with figures and just cant get them all set correctly through full travel......Help

Also seem to have a problem with setting the blade pitch. Using a flybar lock and a pitch gauge with a spirit level attached, set to zero pitch at mid stick but when I rotate the head by 180 degrees the pitch changes. This could be down to the heli not being level as the kitchen table isnt great, or related to my swash issue above.

Guidance would be very helpful at this frustrating time.....lol


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