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Post Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 7:42 pm
Post subject: My Tricopter build thread
Well with summer on the way and looking for this year's cabbage white shredder, this year I'm going for a Tricopter. Why you ask well after watching this video you know you just have to!


Basically it a very simple beastie that relies for control on gyro’s and ECCPM from your favourite TX, in my case a DX6i.

So to start off the basic parts list and costs. These are the basic items to get the dam thing in the air and the prices are typical. If I really like this thing I may splash out on Hyperion or Scorpion etc but to get started I plan to keep the costs down... we sorta...
3 off 2210N 1000Kv Brushless Motors £45.00
3 off Prop Savers £4.00.
3 off 10x4.5 Slow Fly Props £2.00
4 off iMAX G192 Gyro’s 50.00
3 off Hobbywing 18 Amp ESC & £32.00
D95MG High Torque Digital Servo £14.00
Misc Connectors, switches and cables ~£15.00

Now so far we are looking at a basic cost for the electrics of around £160.00.

As for the air frame they can be had for about £5.00 form any DIY store if you make them form wood, or you can go for ply and old heli booms, of go the whole hog and get a rather snazzy G10 jobby. Needles to say with all the money I had not spent on the electrics I went for the $70.00 G10 job.

Now all I have to do is wait for the dust to settle and Air Mail to start to catch up with the backlogs and then I can start the build. In the mean time as most of the Electrics come from UK suppliers I can at least hopefully this week start on building wiring harnesses and testing some of the controls
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