Modified TT fbl head

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Post Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 12:04 pm
Post subject: Modified TT fbl head
Modified TT fbl head

As the links for the fbl head are easy to lose and not so easy to replace until spares for the fbl head come in, I came up with a way round it.
I used the stock plastic hub, but with the fbl grips, and using Blade 400 linkages. The swash follower used the plastic washout base with a screw through it to hold it in place on the main shaft, and using a cut-off flybar control arm and the grips were changed to trailing edge.

Had a brief couple of flights on it this morning until the wind picked up. With 40% expo it is perfectly flyable without a fbl controller. With a bit more time with dual rates I may get it to fly like the flybarred version.
It certainly wasn't as skittish as it was when I tried the same setup using stock grips, but may be another avenue for those of you looking for ideas if you lose the fbl linkages in a crash.
(Ignore the jesus bolt, was taking it out when I thought I'd take the pics).

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