Main/Tail rotor direction - is it important?

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Post Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 7:25 am
Post subject: Main/Tail rotor direction - is it important?
Dear learned members of the community.

I'm in the early stages of modelling my Trex 450 on a Hughes MD500. Having studied photographs and drawings of the original aircraft, I noticed that the main and tail rotors both spin CCW. Most model helicopters have the main and tail rotors spinning in opposite directions, the Trex is CW for main and CCW for tail.

I'm quite tempted to try (by reversing the polarity of the motor to ESC connection) to reverse the main rotor direction on my model to CCW, and to manipulate the tail box to try and do the same for the tail rotor.

Emphasis on the word 'try'.

Does anyone present here today know of any real reason why this unholy matrimony may not go ahead? I'm thinking conflicting gyroscopic forces could be an issue but while I am offshore this remains a thought experiment, however do promise to upload video of my beloved tearing itself to bits should I go ahead!

A T-Rex 450 weighs 700g all up, and moves at up to 40mph.

The earth weighs 6.585 x 1021 tons, and moves at 19 miles per second.

Do try not to hit it, 007.
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