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Post Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 3:27 am
Post subject: How to Adjust Servos
Servo Adjustment

One of my Servos was not sitting strait at 90° when the others were, so I have written this guide to show you how to do it.
This is what we used to do with our RC Car Servos to bring them into track so you didn’t have to play with the Tx Trims.
First remove the servo from where it is located and remove the Servo Horn.
Then you have to undo the 4 small screws in the bottom of the Servo and remove the top of the case, put the Servo Horn back onto the top gear #1.

Next plug the servo back into the Rx and unplug the wires from your ESC to the Motor.
Centre all Sticks and Knobs on the Tx and turn it on then plug in Battery to power up the Rx, you will know if your sticks are not quite centre as your Servo will start to rotate the gears.

(Also see link in Jims post below on how to rotate Brass head under gear #1 to centre the pot underneath)

If the Servo horn is sitting at an angle other than 90° then you need to carefully leaver off gear #1 with a screwdriver then lift and rotate gear #2 one tooth at a time then replace gear #1 with the Servo Horn on it and see if it is now at 90° (use a Setsquare to help you, rotate the right way to move the Horn in the direction you need)

If you still cannot get it to set correctly i.e. It will only sit just above or just below 90° then you need to move down to gear #3 as it has finer teeth to mesh so can allow finer adjustment.
Once you have it done you can power down the Rx and Tx, remove the Servo Horn - Replace the top and do up the screws and then screw back on the Servo Horn again and your done.

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