How do i get Optic 6 remote to turn on my HH gyro mode ?

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How do i get Optic 6 remote to turn on my HH gyro mode ?

by peetree » Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:51 pm

I am trying to move from my stock TX to a optic 6 by hitec

The gyro mode switch doesnt appear to activate HH mode tho :(

anyone else has this TX working with the HBK2?

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Hitec Optic 6 TX with Schulze RX in both Models

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by st200ol » Wed Jun 11, 2008 5:12 am

Page 51 of the manual I have details how to do this, you need to set the gain, with the "Flight Mode" Switch (SW4) three positions are available, for 3 different gyro gain settings, so for example you could set it up like this:

Switch backwards, gain to less than 50%, this will be Rate mode, then flick the switch forward and set the gain to more than 50% this will be the HH mode, then using SW4 in flight mode you can switch between Rate and HH mode.

This assumes you have the Gyros remote gain wire connected to Ch5 of the RX.

You can also have different gain settings for Nor, ST1, ST2 And ST3 flight mode settings, so 12 different gain settings in total!

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