Heli's with honey bee fixed-pitch compatible parts?

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Post Posted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 3:11 pm
Post subject: Heli's with honey bee fixed-pitch compatible parts?
Just received my HB 2 fixed pitch, and was getting the hang of hovering, but I hit the ground a little hard yesterday. One of the ball joints on the rotor head snapped. The piece is only $2.50-$4.00, but shipping is a killer (so is waiting!!). So the question is - are there any compatible popular heli's (that a LHS would be likely to stock)?

I thought I'd read somewhere that one of the Blade models had interchangable parts - but I can't find that particular post now.

I suppose I should buy a few... judging by the nearly-universal out-of-stockness of the HB 2 rotor-head, I guess it's in high demand. There's probably a good reason for that. Very Happy

Oh, one last question. The best deal (in the US) I found for shipping was $3.99 from *******. Does anyone have any favorite sources in the US with appropriate shipping for tiny orders?
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