HB2K counter clock clockwise rotation

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:54 pm
Post subject: HB2K counter clock clockwise rotation
hi! my name is mark and this is my second day on the forum. I have acouple ? hoping someone can help me out. my hbk2 spins madly counter-clock wise. I read the forum yesterday and learned tomake sure the belt was tight, sure enough the tail clamp wouldn't stay tight, so I put some small set screws in the side and got the belt good and tight and the tailclamp held but did't solve the problem. I read about setting the tail servo and moving up or down the boom. Do you keep the servo arm @ ninety, and let the back slider go where it wants to? Also i a key tech gyro, i know absulutely nothing about gyros as this is my first one. don't know if it an HH or not. it does have one white besides the other two. can this cause the spinning? how do u set up a gyro? any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanks schreydog
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