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Post Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:57 pm
Post subject: Gyro off Center ( telebee )
HI, I'm having a difficult problem with my Telebee GR302-AD (HH), and wondering if anyone else has any ideas. Everything was set up perfectly 4 months ago, but after leaving everything on the shelf for 4 months the gyro is now off.

Basically, when the gyro initializes it thinks the servo center point is at roughly 60% to the left. So with the rudder stick in the center, the rudder servo is turned 60% to the left. As I move the rudder from center, the servo does not move until I get to ~60% right, then the servo moves all the way to the right. If I move the rudder stick left, no movement until I get past 60% left and then the servo moves the small remaining distance to full left.

I'm flying this gyro on a Esky Belt CP, with the stock radio and receiver so I can't adjust the center point with the radio. I'm using Futaba and Hitec analog servos.

Here's what I know:
- The tail servo is ok, i swapped the servo and got the same behavior.
- I'm pretty sure it's the gyro since when I bypassed the gyro, connecting the servo straight to the receiver, the servo centered properly.
- I did the initial setup over the summer when the air temp was warm. And the temperature does seem to impact the gyro. I've tried to leave everything on for 5 minutes before trying to fly, but this does not help.
- I warmed the gyro with a hairdryer, and the problem was "decreased" although still present.
- For the 4 months that the heli was on the shelf, it was laying on it's side. I'm concerned that this damaged the crystal inside due to changing temperatures.
- I've adjusted both the Gain and ATV on the gyro, without much success

So any ideas? Any magic tips for adjusting, initializing, or tweaking the telebee gyros? At this point I'm at a bit of a loss. Is it at the point where I just need to buy a new gyro?

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