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Post Posted: Fri May 16, 2008 4:57 pm
Post subject: Compatible Align Parts List
If you've just crashed your CopterX 450 V2 for the first time and find yourself without spares, but not wanting to wait a week or more ordering from HK. You can just use Align parts, but the problem is it's not straight forward which Align parts are compatible with the 450 SE/AE V2, so I would have found this info quite useful less time consuming finding the right parts (mainly the shafts and drive gears which I was concerned about), hopefully you guys will too.

And even if you own a real Trex, Heliguy's parts listing still leaves you confused as to what parts fit the V2 or any other model.

This list is by no means complete and I will update as I find other compatible parts.

Align Parts
Part# - ItemHS1251 - 450SE New V2 Feathering Shaft (x2)
HS1203 - Metal Tail Rotor Shaft (x2)
HS1280 - Main Shaft Set (x3)
HS1219-84 - New Main Gear (150T exactly the same, just a darker blue) (x3)
HS1216-84 - Metal Tail Drive Gear Assembly (Yes mine broke mid flight, check after main shaft damage!)
HS1257-84 - Metal Tail Holder Set (Don't over-tighten the grub screw!)
HS1264 - Flybar Rod/220mm (A bit longer than original CopterX) (x2)
HS1158-00 - 325 PRO Rotor Blades Black/White
HS1144-00 - Bump Resistance Landing Skids
HS1124 - Plastic Bottom Plate (Carbon Frames - Thanks Sooty)
HS1279 - Canopy Rubber Nuts (No better than originals) (x4)

Other Compatible parts
UGT-SO2 - Sonix Flybar Rod (Cheaper than Align - Cheers Chucky)

If anyone has any other Align parts they've replaced that fit the 450 SE/AE V2 please post below with the Part number and Item. And I'll add it to this list for the convenience of others. Cheers.
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