Aqua-copter – a tale of woe

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Post Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:22 pm
Post subject: Aqua-copter – a tale of woe
I’ve read many times about how difficult it can be to fly RC helis; noting how many beginners have crashed in the first minute of flight; how you should spend plenty of time on a sim, and/or diligently follow RADDS, etc etc.

Well, Mr Impatient here just couldn’t wait could he. I thought: “I’ll just spin it up on the patio to see what it’s like”. What happened next was just a blur of over-reaction, panic, and moving the wrong sticks at the wrong time.

Poor little Honeybee smacked into the house and plummeted eight feet to the ground. Well, it would have been the ground had it not been for the dog’s bucket of water which the HB plunged head-first into!! Oh well, at least the water broke it’s fall; and very conveniently the blades stopped turning so it didn’t continue to thrash itself to death.

Plenty of kitchen roll, air-duster, hairdryer, and overnight in the airing cupboard dried it out OK. Then I was able to assess for damage: new rotorhead, straightened flybar and we're good to go. Or so I thought!

Upon checking functions and trim I noticed that when I moved the cyclic it was only the flybar paddles that were tilting. "That doesn't seem right, surely the main blades should tilt too. I'll spin it up and watch whether the blades tilt when they're spinning."

I didn't want it to get away from me again so I held the tail boom and watched what the blades did whilst I operated the cyclic with my other hand. Big mistake.

Left, right, forwards: all fine, backwards . . . blades tilt back . . . straight into my hand, chopping me up till I could get the throttle off.

Result: some cuts and bruising, a busted ring-like, and another happy hour fixing and trueing everything up.

I can hardly believe it all happened – but it did. I know. I watched me do it!!!

Real Keystone Cops stuff, but hey, it's funny now looking back. Lessons learnt (hopefully).

HoneyBee FP V2
(can't fly it yet but can dive it head first into a bucket of water)
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