500 size heli... Should i?

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Post Posted: Sat May 22, 2010 1:48 pm
Post subject: 500 size heli... Should i?
Hey all,
Ok so i've been thinking lately of going down the 500 size heli route... im happy with how to set up and all this and that but there is still one thing that is stopping me... the size of the heli!

It may sound like a stupid thing to say but hear me out - A 450 size helicopter i would say personally is the largest size heli you will be able to fly in a public area without upsetting anyone (clearly safety is priority and you dont fly in a busy playground for example)

My current worry is that i dont have the space to fly a 500 helicopter... and the distinct LACK of a stable helicopter flying club in my region makes things harder still...

I fly my 450 in one of two places, a public playground just in front of my house (only when it is free of small children - i.e During the hours of school) or a local lake where you get the occasional person walking a dog but there is barely enough space to fly comfortably due to tree's. The first location is shown in the youtube vid at the end of this post...

SO i guess my question is, Where do you fly, would you say a 500 size heli is safe in these more public area's and ultimately, should i get a 500?

Take care all,

P.s Sorry for the long post


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